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Have you imagined the perfect wedding? Is it all you could ever want? Let us prove to you that on Mykonos, your Wedding conceals potential you have never even begun to consider. Take all that is magic, multiply it by a trillion stars by the sea and end up with the ceremony of a union that will come to inspire many other couples. Whether you are looking for something traditional, elegant, funky, romantic, minimal or extravagant, the island’s versatile lifestyle can provide a perfect backdrop to all you desire.
Mykonos Exclusive will guide you through all the plans required to stage the event of a lifetime.

We provide expert advice on all services and suppliers necessary to bring together a wedding ceremony and reception bearing your own personal signature and style. Even if you live at great distance, trust us to organize all that is needed to keep you happy and stress free at all times.

The majestic island of Mykonos is arguably one of the most celebrated wedding and honeymoon destinations in all of Greece. We plan your wedding and tailor it down to every little detail in order to guarantee that this special night of your lives will surpass your expectations and requirements.
Our professional staff of wedding specialists can organize the perfect beginning for your marriage and create a whole-day experience that will leave all of your guests mesmerized. Leave it all in the hands of our specialized group of consultants, that can guarantee a perfect wedding day experience and start preparing yourself for the most luxurious fairy tale of your life.


Whether you are dreaming of a closed-circle dinner party for a select few, a glamorous gala or a special venue that will host a talk-of-the-island event, we have all the appropriate knowledge and resources to guarantee its execution will be carried out to the highest standards.We have the honor of servicing the most discerning visitors of Mykonos and satisfying their every request is a pleasure for us. Weddings, corporate events, fund-raisers, birthday parties, bachelor parties or every other special occasion you might want to celebrate will be hosted in the ideal location and will receive our utmost attention so that you have an extra reason to feel proud and celebrate!


Getting married in Mykonos is a fantastic idea. But you may wish to hold your wedding ceremony in a private villa and create an exclusive experience that you will never forget.
Choose a beautiful villa, where everyone lives together but enjoys the privacy and freedom to do what they want at the same time.


Catering services is another way to capitalize on our expertise and create a culinary experience that your guests will cherish for years to come.
Unique, customized gastronomic proposals combine with our rich experience in event planning to turn any occasion into a memorable event.
Wedding parties, dinner at a villa or dinner on a yacht; whatever your plans, Mykonos Exclusive can cater for you!



The wedding ceremony is not enough to enjoy the company of your families and friends on such a special occasion. When you have people coming from all corners of the world to wish you a happy marriage, only a longer celebration ensures that you will find the time to share a moment with every guest.
Hence, a wide variety of pre and post wedding functions can be organized by our people to elevate a ceremony into an experience.


Whether you are looking to organize a private dinner for a selected company of few or a private dinner event that will host hundreds we are ready to meet all your special requirements and needs for a perfectly cooked menu! We work to create an absolutely tailor-made menu that will suit the individual character of your guests and will reflect your personal taste as well as the local delicacies Mykonos has to offer.


Unique events are those that succeed in creating an environment where your audience sees, hears and interacts the host’s vision. The latest technology is used to complement and reinforce
our client’s vision. And of course, our people, with plenty of experience and the most comprehensive range of inventory, can guarantee your event will be nothing short of magnificent.


Mykonos is arguably one of the most beautiful places in the world. Even if someone has not paid a visit, the pictures taken on this majestic island have travelled all over the world. We have been blessed with this extraordinary scenery that surrounds us and we know how to capture its essence in a photo album or a meticulously shot video. So just enjoy your event and trust our professional photographers to capture the magic of the moment.


The flower decoration will play a big part in your wedding or any other event. It is crucial to trust the right people and Mykonos Exclusive guarantees our associates will always meet, if not surpass, your expectations. Even if you are looking for that extra sparkle that will leave everyone gazing at the sky, we can arrange a firework show that will surely make an impression.


A very popular choice among our clients is to hold their wedding ceremony right by the seashore. And we have plenty of venues looking out to the sea that can accommodate your ceremony. Your guests can enjoy the fresh island breeze and celebrate with no shoes on until it’s time to enjoy a majestic sunrise.


The symbolic wedding ceremony in Mykonos is becoming increasingly popular every year. It allows couples unmatched freedom to plan their traditional Mykonos wedding ceremony, wherever and however they may wish regardless of their differences in terms of cultural background. You are not bound by any restrictions, so you can choose the most unconventional atmosphere and have a truly creative wedding ceremony.


Mykonos provides a large number of orthodox churches, available for Greek Orthodox Church weddings. The wedding service, when practiced according to the Greek Orthodox tradition is a beautiful ceremony that captures the magic of long-standing ancient traditions. Rich in symbolisms, the ceremony is going to be a unique experience if you have never attended one before. With our assistance it is also going to be nothing like the other weddings you have attended.


The Greek people are renowned for their hospitality and their respect for other cultures and traditions.
Offer your guests a truly exceptional kind of Hindu wedding in the scenery of Mykonos and combine your wedding with an excellent chance for lovely Mediterranean vacation.
Hindu weddings are based on old traditions with a number of rituals involved. We are in a position to understand this complex tradition and handle it with the delicacy it deserves.


Create the itinerary of your choice and explore more of what the Aegean has to offer by visiting a selection of other islands or even the capital of Athens. Visit Paros when in search of summer fun, Santorini for an intense taste of romance and Athens if you prefer the flair of history and culture.
You can also indulge in a relaxing honeymoon filled with sun, sea and cosmopolitan diversion on Mykonos island itself. Mykonos Exclusive will tailor it to your every requirement