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Congratulations! You have picked a marvelous Mykonos villa to spend your holidays in. But the true Greek hospitality experience has only just begun.

And in Mykonos, we believe that a house becomes a warm home when its kitchen is full of vivid colors, delicious flavors and intriguing smells! And this is why we bring you the most exquisite live cooking services all by a private chef and their team in your own Mykonos villa! Our Head Chef, Teo Iliopoulos, and his team of dedicated food specialists will be delighted to cater for every aspect of your culinary journey in Mykonos. Personalized menus, sea food/oyster events, BBQ parties, cooking lessons or even live cooking on a private beach


Is there a more luxurious way to experience our live cooking services than live cooking aboard a yacht sailing in the midst of the Aegean blue? Our luxury yacht charter guests enjoy a wealth of choice when it comes to dining on board. A wealth of choice they might find difficult to have even in some restaurants ashore.
Our chefs will produce a menu of the highest caliber. All of our associate chefs are well-trained professionals, boasting rich high-end restaurant backgrounds and all the right manners to make this meal an enjoyable journey in gastronomy.


Our Theme Dinners are yet another special way to turn your stay in a Mykonos villa into an even more exciting experience. Carefully designed for villa guests who wish to make every day on Mykonos a unique and special gastronomic event, worthy of sharing with family or friends in the comforts of a luxurious Mykonos private villa.
To begin with, our specialized concierge service will work to recommend ideas and tailor the perfect theme for your night. Then, our discrete waiter service is going to set up an impressive dining table, using the finest dining ware, which will be selected in order to fit your selected theme in effortless harmony. And finally, a carefully selected private chef will prepare a lavish theme dinner, curated to suit your every need, however specific one might be.


Organizing your summer BBQ party can be stressful, but if you trust the right people, it will never be! From big fancy celebrations to the more intimate gatherings for a selected few in your private villa, we make sure every guest leaves your summer BBQ with the warmest memories and a flavor palate ready to explode from satisfaction!
Our expert private chefs will guarantee that your BBQ party is going to suit your most specific requirements, whether these are related to food, equipment, service or any other aspect of your BBQ gathering. After all, long-standing and acknowledged presence in hospitality services is the most convincing accolade of our ability and determination to offer every guest the most complete private chef experience possible.


You don’t need to be an experienced chef or a passionate and dedicated cook to be able to enjoy or gain valuable knowledge from your Mykonos cooking lesson. All you have to do is follow the instructions of your chosen chef, enjoy learning about different food cultures and cooking techniques and soon you will realize that within a couple of hours you managed to gain an experience similar to that of a culinary school graduate.


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